Calici in Festa - Portobuffolè

Vini delle Venezie DOC
Portobuffolè (TREVISO)

Pro Loco Portobuffolè
tel. 0422 713586 - 335 7547927

This event takes place in the smallest town of the province of Treviso that still maintains a unique appeal. In fact, Portobuffolè is placed among the nine municipalities of the Veneto region awarded with the Orange Flag of Italian Touring Club, a brand that targets the small inland villages that stand for excellence and offer a welcoming atmosphere. All these elements of high quality are clearly identifiable in our event, where we promote the indigenous vine varieties and the peculiarities of territory, reflecting the border identity of our town, located in the Veneto region but physically and traditionally close also to Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

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