Gusto Veneto brings together the best events dedicated to the taste in the seven provinces. It is an extraordinary network of events dedicated to 39 food and wine branded European products (DOC, DOCG, IGT, PGI, PDO). These events are animated by more than 5000 volunteers coordinated by the Union of the Pro Loco of the Veneto region (UNPLI). Veneto is a region to discover through its excellent food and its traditional festivals, to be lived in cities and villages. The Veneto region can offer you several experiences that will allow you to discover the excellence of our territories and you will also gain a more authentic knowledge of them. Moreover, you will have a special opportunity to discover new tourist destinations across 14 routes (from the Dolomites to the sea, passing through Palladian villas, art cities, hills producing some of the best wines of the world, ... and much more). The sensory pathways are easily identifiable by four colours: GREEN: wine and olive oil; ORANGE: honey, fruit and vegetable; RED: meat and fish; BLUE: cheese.

Giovanni Follador - President of the Pro Loco Union of the Veneto Region

The Union of Pro Loco has enthusiastically embraced the challenge of bringing together in one comprehensive program the network of events dedicated to the great local products with EU guaranteed brand. We do not want to create new festivals, rather we want to organically communicate the many festivals, result of local tradition, dedicated to our Venetian culinary excellence. Thanks to a grassroots promotion of the culture of food quality, closely related to the production territories, to the communities knowledge and the culture, we want to make you feel how important food culture is, and to what extent Taste Veneto is an extraordinary opportunity to deeply learn about the most authentic face of our region.

Franco Manzato - Agriculture Assessor of the Veneto Region

The project Taste Veneto, created in collaboration with the Pro Loco of the seven provinces of the region, will be a traveling event, fundamental to transform the northeastern mentality of "we do it by ourselves" in a vision of a "network", definitely stronger and much trenchant in the national and foreign markets (and therefore more advantageous for everyone).













GREEN Wine and Olive Oil
The GREEN colour distinguishes the events dedicated to celebrate wine and oil of the Veneto region. From the grapes to the squeezing, every step of the wine’s processing deserves a festival. The seasons timing in Veneto are dictated by the traditional cultivations, such as grapevines and olive trees, which also characterize our extraordinary landscapes, dotted with villages rich in history and culture. Our viticulture becomes a special art in the glass, with the possibility to meet the famous wine brands of the Veneto region. In many festivals you will be able to enter in wine cellars and cooperatives, to take advice from expert sommeliers, to live the tradition with the many brotherhoods. Not only grape’s but also olive’s juice: our culture of oil production is a niche of excellence in Veneto, offering certified products and high                                               quality.


ORANGE Honey, Fruit and Vegetables
The ORANGE colour distinguishes all the events dedicated to guaranteed products in the fruit and vegetable sectors, as well as cereals and honey. Veneto is the homeland of the radicchio and of the salads, but also of extraordinary seasonal products such as asparagus, strawberries and cherries. Our products will tickle your palate during the many events you can experience also outdoors, in magnificent Venetian villas or in historical arcaded squares. Our festivals are gastronomic occasions to taste local cuisine, to experience seasonality in the pot, to discover traditional and uncommon products, like the plains rice or the mountain honey.


RED Meat and Fish
The RED colour distinguishes the events dedicated to Venetian meat and fish specialties. In other words, another opportunity to discover, through traditional festivals, the extraordinary variety of the Veneto region. A journey into the taste that leads you into the magnificent Po Delta, where, from an ancient tradition, grows the only mussel cultivated in the lagoon, now protected by guaranteed trademark. The tourist and culinary route will lead you also to the discovery of our large sausages, hams and sopressa, to which local air and skilful art of seasoning give a unique taste.


BLUE Cheese
The BLUE colour characterizes the events dedicated to guaranteed brand cheeses. Not only taste but also tradition, such as the feast of transhumance, during which you can rediscover the inseparable link between the dairy production and the passion for breeding and for the protection of mountain pastures. Nowadays, the Veneto region devotes most of its milk to typical and guaranteed dairy production: experience our cheeses and their different ages and refinement means definitely to make an extraordinary journey into the taste, with many opportunities for tastings.