Il Delta del Po

Polesine, set among Po, Adige and Mar Adriatico, is suspended between land and water. It is a paradise for athletes and nature lovers who can follow different paths and tracks on foot, by bicycle or by horse, among docks, sandy islands, hamlets and historic palaces. Thanks to its unique panoramas it is perfect for birdwatching and naturalistic photography. On board of a canoe or kayak you can slide among rushes and isolated beaches to best appreciate the environment of Parco Regionale Veneto of Delta del Po, one of the best natural oasis of Italy.


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Vegeto & Vivo Festival Vegetariano - Lusia
Porto Tolle
Festa della Cozza - Porto Tolle
Porto Tolle
Festa del Riso - Porto Tolle
Il Principe Rosso - Chioggia
Festa del Riso co' le Nose - Nogara