Sole e Mare

Endless sandy beaches, hotels, holiday villages, campsites and among this tourist paradise there is the extraordinary city of Venice. This is the Adriatic Riviera of Veneto: a perfect place for families thanks to its wide beaches sloping gently into the sea. This context also offers cultural attraction and unique natural settings, such as the lagoon system. The sea is the setting of a summer holiday dedicated to a open air life. The offer is integrated with good tourist facilities and excellent hotels. 

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Porto Tolle
Festa della Cozza - Porto Tolle
Porto Tolle
Festa del Riso - Porto Tolle
Festa dell'Asparago e della Fragola - Scorzè
Il Principe Rosso - Chioggia
Festa del Riso co' le Nose - Nogara
Motta di Livenza
Vini e Sapori - Motta di Livenza
Un mare di Latte e Formaggi - Caorle