I Colli Euganei

Different itineraries of Strada del Vino dei Colli Euganei run among woods of chestnut trees and oaks and thick vegetation of the Mediterranean brush. The volcanic hills are a perfect place to do wine tasting in wineries and food tasting in restaurants and farm holidays plunged into the marvellous natural setting of Parco Regionale dei Colli Euganei. There is the opportunity to follow some itineraries on foot, by bicycle or by car to discover a world that you will enjoy thanks to its beautiful vineyards and its fascinating Medieval hamlets.replica orologi italia

Check out the events of this itinerary

Festa del Prosciutto Crudo DOP - Pressana
Barbarano Vicentino
Calici di Stelle - Barbarano Vicentino
Festa Mossano Sapori d'Autunno - Mossano
Prosciuttando DOP - Nanto
L'Ulivo e Tartufo dei Colli Berici - Nanto
Vo' Euganeo
Festa dell'Uva - Vo' Euganeo
Montecchio Maggiore
Sapori Pro Loco in Villa - Montecchio Maggiore
Vo' Euganeo
AssaporaVo' - Vo' Euganeo